I Live….Here


 The other day I went for a run through my neighborhood. My earbuds disappeared so I was forced to actually pay attention to the world around me.  While I ran my mind started to focus on the beauty of living in a famous city. There’s  graffiti, there’s theater, there’s litter, there’s subways, there’s street musicians, there’s every ethnicity you could name and there’s homeless people who probably came here in pursuit of their dreams.  I started looking down and I realized I was running on top of someone’s dream. There were stars under my feet and these stars were in Hollywood…..in Los Angeles. I realized that so many people dream, hope, pray and wish for what I have….the opportunity to live in Hollywood. I felt a little mentally chastised because I haven’t fully taken advantage of my surroundings. I’ve lived here 8 months and I’ve seen all the sights but have I really put a lot of effort into my dreams?  Honestly the answer is, no, but that has all changed in the last few weeks because the few auditions I’ve been on have turned into real opportunities. So now that my feet are in the door I have to keep moving forward. I have to be great for all the dreamers who dream of being in my shoes on this pavement.  I have to give it my all because when I decide to leave LA it will be known…….ROS WAS HERE!


You never know what you want in life until IT wants you.


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