Girl What Fairy Tale…


In my past 10 years of dating I’ve come to realize by observing, experiencing and listening that love is not perfect. In fact love is very flawed because people are involved. As a woman who’s learned many lessons in life, I know now that I come with a lot of imperfections so I cannot seek perfection in my partner or hold him to some absurd standards of perfection. I cannot define love because the definition changes with whomever you’re loving. The Bible says LOVE is patient, kind, it doesn’t boast, it doesn’t envy, it always protects and my favorite part….it keeps no records of WRONGS! Of course there’s more and you can read for yourself (1 Corinthians 13:4-8) But what human do you know in any relationship keeps no record of wrongs and most importantly does not brings up those wrongs when it benefits them most and hurts you? But you love them and they love you right?  But  when you’re angry  and words are thrown back and forth, past wrong doings surface and your fairy tale starts to look like smoke and mirrors.  IMG_2517

It’s at that moment where you should realize that you placed someone on a pedestal that they never should have been on. People aren’t perfect. There is no prince charming. You can’t kiss a man the right way and turn him into everything you dreamed he would be.  As a woman you have to know that sexual chemistry will have you thinking that you are in love when you are simply in heat. There is no fairy God-Mother with the perfect potion or advice to solve your relationship woes. Love takes WORK! Hard work and sacrifice on both parts. Both people must sacrifice pieces of themselves in order to gain and grow  TOGETHER.  Staying in love takes knowing that sometimes the scale tips and it’s not always equally balanced. It may be all about the other person for a season and you have to be the cheerleader while they go through some things in life.  Play your part and it’ll pay off for you both, remember love is patient and always protects. This goes both ways, your man should protect your heart at all costs. His actions should be conducted in a manner where your heart is always guarded because you mean that much to him. Men are conquerors and protectors by nature and women are givers and nurturers. When we act in our natural order love happens naturally but only when we let go of the ideals placed on us by various media outlets of what kind of man we should be seeking. Love is not a fairy tale and you are no Disney Princess.


Love will be what you make it and it won’t work unless you do.


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