Dear Ex…

This is not dedicated to any one woman but if it fits you that’s not my problem. 


Dear Ex-Wife, Girlfriend and Fiancé :

No one likes the bitter one. Its such a sad and horrible trait to have. Your real friends who care about you don’t want to be around you because you’re always bashing your EX and men in general. Only bitter and lonely friends want to encourage you to wallow in the pain and anger you’re feeling. Even if the break-up was his fault, it’s your fault that you’re allowing it to consume your life. Yes it may hurt but you don’t have to feed into the anger.

If you and your EX have kids together they are NOT PAWNS in a game to hurt him. They are also not ploys to be used when you want to see your EX again. They are children who will one day question you about why daddy no longer calls or comes around. You’ll have to lie to them because there’s no way you’ll actually say that you made him weary in and out of court, with the police and with games so he has no rights or sadly just gave up until the kids are old enough to decide to see him on their own or not. Don’t do this to your kids just because you’re heartbroken and bitter

If your EX no longer wants to be communicate with you or be your friend then accept that and let him go. Not all breakups are mutual. Harassing him via text and email, calling his friends and family, creating fake accounts to keep tabs on his social media moves are just plain crazy girl! MOVE ON….none of this will win him back. He will never ever come back once you start down this path.

Remember that this man was once the center of your universe. You loved him deeply, even at his worst you loved him and cared for him. Now that it’s over you have absolutely no right and it makes no sense at all to bash him. Think about it, YOU LOVED HIM. You shared your mind and body with him. If he’s a loser, a bastard, a whore, a liar, a cheat, if he gave you a STD, or if he’s the father of your kids just remember you let this man into your life, your home and your bed first. Think about that before you gossip about him because it reflects on you. Those you gossip to, gossip about YOU.  Just be a lady, exhale and move on. I know it hurts but you’ll never be happy again holding on to what he did to

Lastly, the new woman in his life is NOT YOUR PROBLEM! I repeat she is NOT YOUR PROBLEM. She’s not even your enemy. Just like you loved that man dearly once, someone else loves him now. It’s not your business to try to warn humanity or even one woman about this man. So don’t try it. Stay out of their relationship. Mind your business and tell your friends to mind theirs. He may not even be the same man to you that is with her. He may still be the same and may hurt her but that’s for her to find out. What you should do now is focus on renewing the beautiful qualities you possess and maybe one day you’ll attract someone who loves you the way you desire to be loved.


The Current Love




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