Girl Bye…

In light of everything heavy in the air I decided to write a “light” post on a somewhat serious topic…enjoy!


There was once a time when you were once a friend and a confidant. Maybe you know what happened. Maybe you don’t know what happened but one day you realized that you and  your BFF were no longer talking, texting or connected on social media and you weren’t really bothered by it….GASP!! Did you just break up? That happened to me with exactly 2 people, 1 male and 1 female friend. I’ve had both of these friends for years and we just sort of fell a part with no argument or bad feelings.  I chalked it up to us just growing in different directions and there’s no love lost on either part. Most times people aren’t meant to be in your life forever, just a season of time to get you through a phase and then you GROW. But that’s the easy BFF breakup. If I see those people along the path of life, I’ll speak, hug, small talk and keep it moving with a smile.


Then there are other people….the people whom as you look back you see all the red flags and reasons why you probably should’ve never trusted them, never talked to them, never let them crash at your place, never invited them to kick it that one time, never introduced them to the homies, never let your kid play with their kid, never shared your hopes and dreams with them just plain damn NEVER!  We all have at least one person that we swear that if we ever see them again, we are fucking them up on sight or at least cursing them out and it doesn’t matter how much time has passed. They still deserve it! You were there for them, probably more than once and they ultimately shitted on you. So they can never be your friend again in this life or the next.


Then there’s the friend that started out really cool. You two got along super well. He/She had so much in common with you that it was kind of weird at times. You like the same places, same music, same foods, same tastes in men/women. Then you noticed they started dressing more like you when you’d go out together. They started going to your barber or hair stylist. You got box braids, she got box braids. You got an Usher Mohawk, he got the Usher Mohawk. You bought a A6, he started test driving A8’s. Then it hit you…this person is trying to be YOU! You don’t hate them because they’re cool, you just had to limit the time y’all spent together and start telling them things AFTER the fact to prevent their fraudulent ass behavior.



This is why you must have a huge network and a small circle because sometimes no matter the sex  you have to say #GIRLBYE!



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