noun: humility
a modest or low view of one’s own importance; humbleness
I’m the person that other people spend a little time with and automatically assume that I have everything together. People have always told me how much they admired or wished they could be as put together as I am. The truth is, I’m NOT ALL TOGETHER! You just don’t see it. I learned the act of deception long before I even knew how to spell the word. My life is not a lie but I’m far from completely together. I think of myself on the same level playing field as others. I simply acknowledge that our skill sets are different and that means that what we choose to do and accomplish will yield different results at a different rate of speed. I’m not above anyone, I simply carry myself differently than the majority. I don’t like to fit in or follow group think. I feel like my thoughts and ideas can stand on their own. Most of the time I think of myself less and think a lot more about how my actions and decisions will affect the people around me. I humbled myself a long time ago and accepted that I am far from perfect and I have a lot of work left to do.
  • I doubt all of my ideas but I still attempt them wholeheartedly.
  • I have failed at things that I have put my all into including money that wasn’t even mine.
  • I had no clue how I was going to make a life in Los Angeles but 3 years later and I’m still here and doing fine.
  • I never thought that I was that great of a singer, just average with a great ear for melody. My mind changed 3 years ago 🙂
  • Songwriting is the one thing I know I am GREAT at. Everything else I attempt is probably just ok.
  • I am highly critical of anyone in my life and their actions. Being my friend or family member is hard because I don’t like mediocrity.
  • I can never really make up my mind so I usually do twice the work and pursue two ideas or more at the same time. I stress myself out constantly.
  • I’d love to have a team working towards goals together but its hard to find like-minded people.
  • I’m just learning how to say NO and stick to it.
  • I just decided to STOP doing things for the money it yielded and to pursue happiness instead.
  • I put other people’s wants and needs before mine all the time. That’s why I am not as put together as you may think.
  • My life is a daily struggle of wanting to be around people and wanting to be alone with my thoughts.

A lot of times we see celebrities or regular people online and we assume their lives are perfect and they don’t have the same insecurities or problems that we have. If they are indeed living and breathing, they too experience the same things as the average person. I am open enough to share that I am NOT ALL TOGETHER. It’s nice that you may think so but if you think I’m there now just wait until I really have all the pieces together.

I am humble enough to know I still need work but wise enough to be thankful for the work that has already been done.


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