I Love….Him

How our love story began as unlikely friends and the details in between are for us to share with our closest friends and family. How I fell unexpectedly in love with him so many times over the past 3 years is what I wish to share.

From the very beginning having fun with him was effortless. We never run out of ideas on things to do or places to go. My boyfriend is  always ready to try some place new or try something different. Most importantly even without money, he knows how to make me smile. We have the best times when it’s just the two of us exploring our random ideas or being big kids competing against one another. We may fall short in other areas but never when it comes to making one another laugh.

I love how organic our connection feels. When I look at my man I see love. I understand it and most of all I believe in it. I love how good it feels when he walks in the door, scoops me up, inhales my scent and says “I missed you girl”. I love how simple things like the way his body  reacts to my touch (he always leans in when I touch him) and the way his hair feels when I rub my fingers through his hair.  When we’re a part for too long I get upset with him….that’s my way of saying I miss him and don’t like sleeping alone.

He knows how to take care of me. He genuinely took the time to research and ask me questions about my illnesses and he’s always more than prepared to take care of me. I recently had surgery and I’ve been on sick leave for the past 3 weeks. I could barely do much of anything on my own for the first week and a half but I never had to worry because he was right here handling everything. I love that he puts me and my well-being before himself and even his career. We agreed that we were a team and everything else could fall a part so long as we didn’t.

When I look at my boyfriend I see a man after God’s own heart. He prays for me. He prays with me and he encourages me to pray more. I admire his relationship with the Creator and his thoughts on life. We have never made any major decision within our entire time of knowing one another without praying about it together first. Even before we were in a relationship we would get together to pray and talk about life. Now that we are together we go together to fellowship within our faith and worship God. He introduces me to just as much new Christian music as he does new soul music. I love that about him. We grow together.


No matter where we go in the world I always feel protected with him. I never worry about anything because I know he won’t let anything happen to me. I’ve never felt so comforted before. He also shares my lust for travel. Together we’ve racked up quite a few frequent flyer miles, hotel and rental car points. To add to the desire to see one another smile as well as satisfy the travel bug within, we constantly surprise one another with get-a-ways whether it’s simple over nights or a longer stay farther away. I love that he’s always thinking ahead about the next holiday or event with me.


I love him for so many other reasons but these are the things that stand out right now. Many people have questioned us about marriage and we have our own personal reasons for why we have decided not marry yet. I think in the day and age where divorce is way more common than marriages lasting over 5 years we are making the right decision for us. I love this man. He’s my best friend. He knows me and knows things about me no one knows and I am not ashamed or worried that he’ll walk away.  I love him so much that I genuinely feel that if for some bad reason we didn’t make it together in life, I’d still be grateful for knowing him. I’d owe him for how much he’s helped me grow and become the woman I am right now. That’s how much I love…S.M.W.

Love, so many people use your name in vain. Love, those who have faith in you sometimes go astray…but through it all for better or worse I still will choose you first. 


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