Music DoodleI’m an artist in every sense of the word. I’m passionate, dramatic, sensitive (about my work), fiercely protective of my gift and most importantly a fan of eclectic music.  I started singing listening to my Grannie sing and play her piano. My musical roots are thick and drip with soul. I listen to and love to sing anything from Negro Spirituals, to 70s Disco, to Millennial Trap Music. When I discover a new artist I listen for emotion that pulls me in deeper. I love artist whose music makes me feel deeply.  I love the kind of music that takes me back to memories whether good or bad.  I love the kinds of voices, phrasing, and  melodies that  have the enchanting ability to launch me forward mentally to places and times I haven’t yet experienced. I’d like to share with you and support the artistry of a few talented vocalists whose music I respect and admire. This is what I’m listening to right now…..enjoy the discovery.

(In no particular order)

alex isleyAlex Isley

Fav Song: Set in Stone

Her voice is heavenly. You can hear the gospel influence (but not overkill) in the way she sings adlibs and ends phrases. She knows how to do just enough on a song. Yes, her name is the real deal.

maxine ashley  Maxine Ashley

Fav Song: Perpetual Nights

Her voice sounds familiar even though you haven’t heard it before. Perpetual Nights in a true feel good and chill type of song. Its my favorite “car song” to cruise too along the L.A. streets.



Lianne-La-HavasLianne La Havas

Fav Songs: Blood (the entire album) & her cover of He Loves Me (in Paris)

Just listen to her music and her voice and you’ll love her or at least respect her craft. She’s jazzy, funky, soulful and she rocks out. You can watch her live on YouTube. She’s on my list of favorite singers…..ever.


kwami liv

Kwami Liv

Fav Song: Pleasure This Pain

I just discovered Kwami Liv a few weeks ago and her latest single featuring Angel Haze is my new obsession. The lows in her voice tied in with hypnotizing lyrics is music gold. I’m certainly looking forward to more from her.



jadeJade De LaFleur

Fav Songs: Smokin’ in My Car & Freedom

Her voice is heavenly & jazzy on Smokin in My Car. I’m biased here because everyone who hears it thinks I’m singing,  although I’m super flattered, it’s all Jade singing here (well James Fauntleroy is on backgrounds.

AriLennoxblk1Ari Lennox

Fav Song: Bound

Listen to Bound until the last note is played. This woman has serious soul and her range is incredible. Bound is dripping with raw emotion….depending on what kind of day you’re having you may cry. Please release more music!!!




Emily King

Fav Songs: Aya (intro) & Distance

Emily’s ENTIRE independent catalog of work is impeccable. Check out her latest album The Switch. Watch her live performances on YouTube. She’ll blow you away!


I hope you take the time to explore these artists on sound cloud, YouTube, spotify or apple music. Some of them are independent artists, some of them are industry veterans, some of them are just starting out and I fully support and believe in each of them. I hope that when I release music someone, well a lot of you support me and share my music!!!! I have so much in store for the next year. If you listen to these artists you may have an idea of the sound I’m drawn towards. For now I write and expand my ear as I become inspired by life’s sights, sounds and feelings.

 Part II of this to follow soon! I’m on the hunt for new sounds to inspire me and provoke thought. 



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