noun fem·i·nism \ˈfe-mə-ˌni-zəm\

  1. the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities
  2. organized activity in support of women’s rights and interests


I would preface this post with a disclaimer but what the hell?! There are some women who may agree with me and some who may become fully enraged by the time they finish reading this but, I don’t care because I also believe in freedom of speech and my right to throw a flag on the field when something isn’t done right. 

I’m a Bi-FEMINIST. It’s a term I made up recently due to everything society is placing under the feminist umbrella. Bi-Feminist: Someone who believes in the feminist dictionary definition and theory but does not support the societal definition and usage of the term feminist.

I believe that women around the globe should have the same opportunities to learn, succeed, grow, fail and start over if we choose. I believe that we should be able to pursue social, economical and political equality (basic human decency) and still maintain our respect and dignity. I’m all for equal pay for the same level of work performed regardless of gender. That’s common sense to me and it should be illegal to NOT pay both sexes the same wage when performing the same exact job. I believe that women should be fairly and equally represented in politics because if you look around…the world is made up of more than just an all male cast with 1 awkward female cast member as the friend.

sexism_and_violence_against_women I support all women in their upward mobility through life. However there are some aspects of this new feminism idea that has been spreading rapidly and I do not support these things:

  • Paper teamworkSexism is not equal  to feminism. I’m fully aware that sexism typically is used against women but the two terms are not synonyms. Sexist practices are used by both genders to discriminate against each other AND to discriminate against themselves. Women attack each other all the time. We judge one anther’s parenting skills, culinary skills,boyfriends, outfits, makeup, hair, personality etc. Funny  how when women bash one another it’s simply called hating or girls just being girls but when men do it it’s called sexist.
  • menandwomenGender Equality is another term that people use to tack on alongside feminism. Men and women are not equals. My God didn’t create us to be equals. Look at simple anatomy, our bodies are made differently because they serve different purposes throughout life.  I do NOT want to be treated like a man because I am NOT a man. I do however want to always be respected as a HUMAN and to always treat others as such.  I like the basic customs and courtesies that exist between men and women. I like when a strangers hold open doors for me. I like when a man sees me carrying lots of bags and offers to help me. Men do things like that because I am a WOMAN and they are MEN. The don’t think I’m incapable of opening my own doors or carrying my own groceries. They simply acknowledge my gender and offer kind gestures.
  • strong womanWorkplace Equality: Be HONEST, there are simply some jobs that women and men simply perform better than the opposite sex because of how our bodies are made. I’m not talking about intellect or education either just basic anatomy and physiology. Men are faster and stronger. Even the greatest female athlete in the world is still not as strong as her male counterpart in the same line of work.  I was in the military for a long time. I do NOT agree with women  being able to join elite fighting units in the military. I’ve been deployed several times and all deployments are NOT created equal nor are they female friendly. I’m fine with being barred from being a Navy Seal or Green Beret.  However, I want to be respected at work and feel safe while I’m there. I don’t want my ideas to be questioned because I am female. I don’t want to be subjected to attention/harassment at work because  I have hips, a round ass and my breasts sit nicely.  I would love for all jobs to offer PMS days as well as sick days but that wouldn’t be fair because men don’t have periods.
  • article-0-0E4A827F00000578-237_634x854Sexual Liberation: Feminism has NOTHING to do with your desire to have sex with as many men as you want and not be judged for it. Feminism has NOTHING to do with your desire to show off your beautiful body by wearing as little clothing as possible whenever you feel like it. You can do whatever you want sexually but it has nothing to do with  the plight for equal rights and opportunities for both sexes.  That has everything to do with you and your personality and  how you want to live your life. That’s your choice and it doesn’t make you a feminist.


 I love girl power and I support women who are “winning” as well as those who are trying to figure out how to win. I love the connections women form with one another and we’re powerful when we come together for a cause. Please don’t latch onto a cause or definition and twist it to fit the agenda you are passionate about or want to pursue. You can still be passionate about all of the things I mentioned above but be aware of what your agenda is. Be aware that words mean things and not all words have synonyms.

If you speak up for yourself and your beliefs, you get called a bitch or angry. If you fall in line with group think, you’re called a follower. Be yourself then you’ll be called your name.



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