Musically Speaking…..Band Edition

As promised I’m back with a fresh batch of creative and talented artists to share with your listening ear. This time around I decided to select my favorite bands/duos because there’s always fun to be had when you collaborate with like minded people. The artists may be new to you or they may already be your favorite band, either way you won’t be disappointed. As I too discover new artists and add them to playlists I am also learning how much I have changed as a singer and as a fan. Songwriting to me, is about evoking a feeling for myself as well as for my listeners. Songwriting starts with 1 drop of inspiration and sometimes that comes from listening to new sounds. I hope you enjoy a few of the bands I’m listening too. If you have a favorite band please comment and I’ll check them out.

lipstickgypsy Lipstick Gypsy ->

Fav Song: Infatuation

Their music is smooth, melodic and gives you memories of the 90s but in an amazing way. The vocals on Infatuation are what drives the song because you can feel the wanting and desire in his voice. They have only released two songs and I love them both.


hiatus-kaiyote2<- Hiatus Kaiyote

Fav Songs: Breathing Under Water  & Nakamarra

This band shocked the hell out of me because I was expecting alternative rock music based on their photos but they actually GROOVE hard with a jazz fusion, neo-soul vibe. The lead singer’s voice is incredible. She reminds me of Erykah Badu on some songs.


Fav Songs: Their entire newly released EP

I’m a bit biased because I know Jinjoo personally but with Joe Jonas as the lead singer and a kick-ass band you have to expect great music. You won’t be sorry you checked them out and they’ll become your new fav band

intanet<- The Internet

Fav Songs: Girl & Under Control

You just have to listen to the music to understand my love for this band. Sid (lead singer) has an angelic voice and the band is always right in the pocket. Pay attention to their lyrics on the second time you listen 🙂

mihMade in Heights ->

Fav Song: Slow Burn

I discovered this duo on Spotify “Discover Weekly”. Their music is partial EDM, partial pop, partial alternative R&B. Its a great blend of music to run too with tempo changes or chill too on a lazy afternoon.

Alina-Baraz-Urban-Flora-e1412177324142<- Alina Baraz & Galimatias

Fav Song: Anything they do together

I know you’re thinking…all of their songs can’t be your fav but yes, I love them all. Their music is like the most perfect thunderstorm on the most perfect day with the one you love the most. Alina’s lyrics are poetic and Galimatias carries everything with heavenly production. They just wrapped up their first and only tour. I’m sad that I missed it.

Coming up next….the guys I love to sing along too!



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