What Resolution…


Every year we all make promises to ourselves about what we plan to do, change or stop doing in the new year. It’s a great concept in theory but…no one actually sticks to it. By March at the latest most people have forgotten about the promises they made to themselves and are already back to the same traits and habits they are comfortable with. For me, resolutions were kind of my thing until the last few years. I changed my life and moved across country and I’ve been dealing with all the stress and emotions that come with living in a new place around new people doing new things. So in essence, my last 2 years have been one big list of things to do, change or stop doing. I didn’t need to make a resolution for that, I simply just decided to improve my life and it didn’t take me waiting until December 31st to do so.

This January as you log on to social media and see your friends and family declare things they hope to change and accomplish do what I do and remind people…you don’t have to wait until January 1st to change anything! Why suffer through something you’re not happy with in July simply because you want to make a statement about deciding to change on December 31st? The whole point of that is silly. If your goal has been to lose weight and eat healthier, you don’t need to keep telling your self that next year will be your year. You can START right now on Dec 29th. Putting off your growth (adult decisions) until a later date is actually doing you more harm than good. That way of thinking is keeping you in an unhealthy pattern of lying to yourself and letting yourself down. Of course there’s a small margin of people who make resolutions and actually stick to them BUT the majority never stick to them. By the end of the year, most people have forgotten what they resolved to do on December 31st of the previous year, so they make the same exact resolution again for the next year.


Whatever it may be that you want to improve about yourself…JUST DO IT! Stop waiting on some magical clock to strike 12 and transform your carriage back into a pumpkin and give you a fresh start. Every day you open your eyes and inhale LIFE is a fresh start. Don’t let the hype over a calendar trick you into thinking that the next year will be YOUR year or your time. Your time is NOW. Your year of successfully making a commitment and sticking to it begins NOW. Tomorrow isn’t promised for any of us so there’s absolutely no logical point to declaring what you will change next year. There are 365 days in a calendar year and you can take action steps NOW to begin working out, eating better, quit smoking, write a book, travel more, quit your job, move to a new city, etc TODAY. If you start working on your goals NOW you will possibly have something amazing to actually celebrate on December 31st next year. Trust me it’s so much sweeter to end a calendar year in celebration of your accomplishments instead of ending the year with promises to yourself over things you want to accomplish in the future. It’s totally OK to make resolutions on March 1st, May 22nd or Thanksgiving Day. Don’t let a calendar holiday and a clock tell you when it’s time to improve your life.



Celebrate life in the present, reflect on your past and plan for the future TODAY!

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